The following are reflections on the civil rights class from former middle school students:



“I believe that Civil Rights gives kids like us a chance to learn and have fun at the same time. Everyone always looks forward to having friendly and competitive debates. I love walking into Civil Rights class because it gives me a good idea about how the styles of living were back then. I like to compare the differences between life back then and now. I always loved the history of how our rules and concepts changed over the years. We have learned about equal rights and woman’s suffrage. My favorite one was the one about equal rights and segregation.”

“In civil rights, I was empowered by the past and the hopeful future, but here are some major lessons. The thing that was overall important is that we are all equal. No race, beliefs, opinions, we all people with thoughts and opinions, and sadly we are not alike, that’s not how it works. Secondly, it doesn’t matter how old you are to make change. A girl stood up to Dick’s Sporting Goods at my age. There are no limits to fight for what is right. Lastly is that the future can never be told by one person, in the past no one ever thought women would be able to vote, we now have a women running for president. This has empowered me by the belief that things will be better for the future of America.” 

 “This Civil Rights class has been my favorite class this year. They’ve taught me to not to get caught up in conspiracy theories in believing their truth. I’ve learned the importance of history and this class has focused on showing us how heart breaking these times were, how the brave were able to face their obstacles and how us kids could change the world.”

The civil rights class has taught me so much about this country. I absolutely love this class and I hope it continues. I never realized what the citizens of America had to go through to get their civil rights. That’s something most kids take for granted. After this class I never will again. After I found out what women did to get the right to vote, I’m positive I’ll vote when I’m older.”

“We need to see and understand civil disobedience to work on our future.”