Following are quotes reflecting on the civil rights class from parents and staff:

“Each state is required to have guidelines on teaching students about civil rights. As a principal of middle schoolers 6th-8th grades, this task had to be more the than requisite “I have a dream” speech by MLK. When students are exposed to an in-depth course to learn about the civil rights movement in the USA, they learn what it means to be active American citizens. They learn from history how to recognize injustice and how they can begin to be part of the transformation in the future to ensuring civil rights for all. This course exposes students to history in an interactive way, challenging students to open their minds and share evidence of why they think the way they do and to accept others way of thinking. It was one of the most requested and praised classes my students took. The teachers brought this alive and left an indelible impression on their students.”

“My son developed an understanding of what it was like to be treated like a second class citizen. He came home on numerous occasions with comments about how he couldn’t understand how people could treat others so poorly! In an age where discrimination is common place I feel that a class such as Civil Rights is imperative. Our children need to understand the importance that all human beings have in creating a peaceful world in which everyone is treated equally. Mrs. Hobbs and Mrs. Barron did an excellent job of guiding their class to a better understanding of our nations history and its importance on today. I would highly recommend their class to anyone!”

So important for the kids to understand and appreciate all the civil rights struggles and the history.”

“Just when you think you have read it all, you begin to hear it from your child in their viewpoint.”

“My son came home and continued to read, explore, and discuss the history of civil rights with everyone in the family.”