Exploring Diversity & Inclusion in Your Workplace

Training for Change

Diverse World Education has created a professional development for the workplace that creates a space where colleagues recognize their commonalities and produce their best work while respecting and valuing uniqueness.

Research has shown that diversity workshops that change culture include a variety of methodologies. We employ videos, interactive games, and group, as well as independent activities, that allow each of us time to reflect on our own understanding of diversity and inclusion. Our workshop can be followed by developing a personalized culture committee for enhanced solidarity in your workplace.


  • Created a professional development for educators to discuss diversity in a safe environment
  • Designed and taught a civil rights class for students with research and debate of historical/current civil rights issues
  • Presented diversity training for MCSS, Newsela, and MEMSPA directed toward educators and administrator
  • Presented diversity training to Michigan NOW directed toward Michigan Alliances for Social Justice
  • Created a diversity and inclusion workshop for Livingston County Diversity Council