About Us and Our Mission:

The owners and consultants of Diverse World Education have been educators for more than twenty-five years. Jincy Hobbs and Mary Kaven-Barron have taught elementary and middle school in the state of Michigan. Each of them is certified to teach secondary English and social studies and have worked on curriculum development in each of these academic areas.

Jincy Hobbs has a BS in Education from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln and an MA in Education from Eastern Michigan. She has been trained in Reading Apprenticeship and Formative Assessment. Jincy was the social studies school improvement chair and on the district school improvement committee.

Mary Kaven-Barron has a BS in Education with an endorsement in Social Studies from Michigan State University and an MA in Reading Education from Eastern Michigan. She was the gifted & talented coordinator and has been a member of the school improvement team. Mary has been trained in Reading Apprenticeship as well as Formative Assessment.

As social studies teachers in Michigan schools, they realized that students did not spend sufficient amount of time studying the various civil rights movements in the United States to help them understand the civil rights issues confronting society today. Eventually, they created a civil rights class for middle school students which encouraged research and debate of historical as well as current civil rights issues. Standards for both social studies and English, Language Arts have been incorporated within the class.  This curriculum provides each student with the opportunity to gain knowledge about themselves, develop an understanding of how civil rights impacts their lives and the lives of others, and how it relates to the core democratic values. They wanted students to understand both the United States Constitution and the fight that it has taken for many groups to achieve fair and equal treatment in our democratic society.


  • Created a professional development for educators to discuss diversity in a safe environment.
  • Designed and taught a civil rights class for students with research and debate of historical/current civil rights issues.
  • Presented diversity training for MCSS, Newsela, and MEMSPA directed toward educators and administrators.
  • Presented diversity training to Michigan NOW directed toward Michigan Alliances for Social Justice.
  • Created a diversity and inclusion workshop for Livingston County Diversity Council.



“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”  Abraham Lincoln